15 Browser Indie Games

Below you will find a list of instantly playable browser games I've made in the last 10 or so years in my free time. Indie means made by a very small team. Usually just me or sometimes with a friend or two. Some of them are more fresh, some of them have a few years. They are coffee-break long, and took between one weekend and 2 months to delop. I am no graphic artist so most of those art are made by either my friends or something I've bought/found on the internet. To play the game of your choice click on the picture and wait a few seconds. Have fun! Some games work also offline.

Vikings Village: Party Hard!

It is a fast multiplayer action brawler game with simple controls.

You control a viking on a folk concert / winter map.

You have various skills.

Your beard grows the more frags you get.

The game is hilarious and nominated many times in top 10 best online action games.

Initially started by Jacek Piętal (coder), Andrzej S. Bieniek (artist), Łukasz "Gothtek" Nowak (music)

Currently this online multiplayer version is rarely updated.

But the version is kept alive for fans pleasure.

You can find a new game of this theme on google play.

Magic: the Gathering (c) Playtest

If you're familiar with the old card game: Magic the Gathering (c) Wizards of the Coast, then you will like this, propably. In this application you can playtest online your favourite deck. Just past MtgGoldfish url or decklist - to preview your deck. If you want to play against a shadow opponent (no opponent, just you, soltaire) - click Playtest below the deck preview. Interfacte works by dragging cards. The casting mana cost payments are automatical. Enjoy!


Classical infinite rogue like

You are a knight / swordsman

Some monsters spawn coins at death, others spawn hearts

Hearts replenish health

When playing on laptop/desktop use spacebar to roll

Chi Land

This game is dedicated to Michalina, my brothers eldest daughter.

There are 3 classess.

There are 4 skills.

You can equip items.

There are many types of enemies - watch your HP!

It is actually multiplayer.

Created by Jacek Pietal, with help of Michal Pietal and Andrzej Bieniek, Liberated Pixel Cup-tiles, Lost Garden-house, tiles, Clint Bellanger-teleport, Dusk RPG-cactuses, Sheep-sprites base, Skorpio-mechas, DanielMachon-panda, MenInASuitCase-sheep, J-Robot-explosion, Andrzej Bieniek-user interface design.

Ubik: Hack-n-Slash

It works by using the keyboard.

Alternatively you can move cursor and your player will follow it.

Attack using space.

Protect forest from monsters. Dont destroy trees.

The stronger you get, the stronger monsters will you experience.

When you walk through edge of screen, you get next map, with new monsters.

Tactics in Darkness

Light-survival game.

There are some kind of monsters in the dark.

You have a flashlight so you see only what is close to you.

You have to eat herbs you find to gain stamina.

Without stamina you can't fight monsters.

Monsters drop coins.

You can't really win this game.

Meteor Shooter 3D

This is a flying in space 3d browser game.

There are a few ships, you get yours randomly assigned at game load.

You don't take damage from collision of obstacles, they move away.

You can fly anywhere forever.

You can shoot red plasma-balls.

It is not multiplayer.

Space Asteroids 3D

This is a flying in space 3d browser game.

You can fly around and destroy to pieces space objects around you.

Japan Air Flight 3D

Fly around japanese landscape in an aircraft/spaceship.

You can't really loose this game.

You can't really win either.

There are some other ships flying towards you.

Made in Unity in one weekend.

In the future the opponents will be smarter.

Capture the Flag

You can't really win.

There are two teams.

There are two diamonds on map.

You can fall or be fragged.

There are 3 classes.

You get assigned random class at page refresh.

It is actually multiplayer.


Each level increases the challenge difficulty to collect all coins on the map.


There are three teams on the map:

blue red and green

You collect frags by finishing opponents

You can either punch opponents or use

one of the two spells which are

thunderbolt and meteor shower

Ubik: 2D Shooter

Based loosely on Mario Bro's as fan-game.

If you like Mario you will propably like this.

Game works also on tablets.

You can run around, jump and attack.

You attack with fireballs.

Your enemies are super cute Kawaii monsters made by Dorong.

The clouds are paralaxx.

When you resize (or rotate tablet), the enemies respawn.

There are sound effects, and music.

Rock / Paper / Scissors (Jan Ken Do)

Rock paper scissors simulator.

Rock beats scissors.

Scissors beat paper.

Paper beats rock.

Play until you have no hearts.

Infinite Coin Collector 2

Collect coins by moving the cursor.

The cursor is followed by your character.

There are 3 types of coins.

The more score you get the better.

You can't really win this game.