Vikings Village: Party Hard!

- It is a fast multiplayer action brawler game with simple controls.

- You control a viking on a folk concert / winter map.

- You have various skills.

- Your beard grows the more frags you get.

- The game is hilarious and nominated many times in top 10 best online action games.

- Initially started by Jacek Piętal (coder), Andrzej S. Bieniek (artist), Łukasz "Gothtek" Nowak (music)

- Currently this online multiplayer version is rarely updated.

- But the version is kept alive for fans pleasure.

- You can find a new game of this theme on google play.


- Fly around japanese landscape in an aircraft/spaceship.

- You can't really loose this game.

- You can't really win either.

- There are some other ships flying towards you.

- Made in Unity in one weekend.

- In the future the opponents will be smarter.

Meteor 3D

- This is a flying in space 3d browser game.

- There are a few ships, you get yours randomly assigned at game load.

- You don't take damage from collision of obstacles, they move away.

- You can fly anywhere forever.

- You can shoot red plasma-balls.

- It is not multiplayer.


- Light-survival game.

- There are some kind of monsters in the dark.

- You have a flashlight so you see only what is close to you.

- You have to eat herbs you find to gain stamina.

- Without stamina you can't fight monsters.

- Monsters drop coins.

- You can't really win this game.

Capture the Flag

- You can't really win.

- There are two teams.

- There are two diamonds on map.

- You can fall or be fragged.

- There are 3 classes.

- You get assigned random class at page refresh.

- It is actually multiplayer.


- This game is dedicated to Michalina, my brothers eldest daughter.

- There are 3 classess.

- There are 4 skills.

- You can equip items.

- There are many types of enemies - watch your HP!

- It is actually multiplayer.

- Created by Jacek Pietal, with help of Michal Pietal and Andrzej Bieniek, Liberated Pixel Cup-tiles, Lost Garden-house, tiles, Clint Bellanger-teleport, Dusk RPG-cactuses, Sheep-sprites base, Skorpio-mechas, DanielMachon-panda, MenInASuitCase-sheep, J-Robot-explosion, Andrzej Bieniek-user interface design.

Space Asteroids 3D

- This is a flying in space 3d browser game.

- There are a few ships to choose from.

- You should avoid taking damage by evading and destroying the obstacles.

- It is actually multiplayer.

Stoned in Clouds

- Make your team (indicated by arrow color) get most frags.

- There are 3 colors of people around the map: red, blue and green.

- You can cast one of two spells that get on timeout after use.

- After some time you may use spells again.

- The map is infinite. Good luck.

- You can't really win this game.

- You can posess another character after dying.

- You loose when you can't posess anyone on map, and your character is dead.

- The game artwork is beautiful.

Ubik RPG

- It works by using the keyboard.

- Alternatively you can move cursor and your player will follow it.

- Attack using space.

- Protect forest from monsters. Dont destroy trees.

- The stronger you get, the stronger monsters will you experience.

- When you walk through edge of screen, you get next map, with new monsters.

Ubik 2D

- Based loosely on Mario Bro's as fan-game.

- If you like Mario you will propably like this.

- Game works also on tablets.

- You can run around, jump and attack.

- You attack with fireballs.

- Your enemies are super cute Kawaii monsters made by Dorong.

- The clouds are paralaxx.

- When you resize (or rotate tablet), the enemies respawn.

- There are sound effects, and music.

Jan Ken Do!

- Rock paper scissors simulator.

- Rock beats scissors.

- Scissors beat paper.

- Paper beats rock.

- Play until you have no hearts.

TV Boi

- Collect coins by moving the cursor.

- The cursor is followed by your character.

- There are 3 types of coins.

- The more score you get the better.

- You can't really win this game.

Play MtG

- You can play Magic the Gathering (tm)

- You will be able to play Cardfight! Vanguard! (tm)

- It is free.

- Currently only one player implemented, contact author if want more.

- This way you can try any different decklists by importing them online.